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Jeff's Chem-Dry Serving Tulsa OK

Learn More About our Carpet Cleaning Procedure in Tulsa, OK

At Jeff's Chem-Dry we want to provide you with a quality professional cleaning for your Tulsa home or business.  Our goal is to make the whole process from scheduling to cleaning a simple and enjoyable as possible. Our Tulsa carpet cleaning techniques use the power of carbonation as the main ingredient in our core cleaning solution.  For the best carpet cleaning Tulsa, OK has to offer, our Powerhead technology spins at around 120+ rotation per minute.  This is gentle enough on your Tulsa carpet to not harm it yet powerful enough to help the solution reach the base of the carpet.  We use this rotating piece of equipment because it agitates the cleaning solution and causes it to "explode" and breaks up the embedded dirt and allergens that build up over time in your Tulsa carpet.  Also, don't forget that our cleaning solution is 100% non-toxic so it's safe to use around kids and pets in your Tulsa home. An added bonus is that we use 80% less water than Tulsa steam cleaners which removes the chance of mold in your home.

Why Choose Jeff's Chem-Dry as Your Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Our trained professionals have certifications for the different carpet cleaning in Tulsa, AZ with procedures we will preform on your carpets.  These local Tulsa cleaning technicians are knowledgeable about the products and cleaning equipment we use. When they come into your Tulsa home they will asses the best way to provide a superior clean.  As our technicians clean your Tulsa home if you have any questions about spills or stains and how to clean them, our professionals will help you.  

Damage could occur if a professional is not used because over saturation of cleaning solution in the fibers has the potential to host mold and mildew after the cleaning process which could damage the carpet and the base in your Tulsa home.  As well if the equipment is improperly used it could damage the fibers and the carpet. Don't damage your Tulsa home and carpets with DIY machines or people who claim to be professionals. Trust Jeff's Chem-Dry for the most effective clean in your Tulsa home instead. 

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You have literally given our gate area floor covering 'new life' and have undoubtedly saved us the cost of replacing this carpet in the process.

American Airlines

Amazing! That's the only way I can describe the job you did on my sofa and love seat today. Thanks again, and you will have all my future carpet cleaning business.

John G

We are extremely pleased with the service and personal attention provided by Chem-Dry. The Chem-Dry process leaves our carpet clean and fresh looking.

Xerox Corporation

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